Rosemary & Jojoba Hair Oil

Revitalize your hair with Neemli's Rosemary & Jojoba Oil. This luxurious blend cools the scalp with peppermint oil, reducing excess oil, dandruff & itching. Rosemary curbs sebum production while jojoba soothes redness. Enriched with almond and lemon oil, it nourishes damaged hair, leaving it strong, shiny, and rejuvenated. Experience the soothing embrace of natural care.
MRP: Rs. 1,150

₹ 1,150 ₹ 690
  • Neemli Rosemary and Jojoba Oil helps restore scalp health and nourish hair
  • Rosemary essential oil reduces excess oil and impurities that can clog hair follicles
  • Organic jojoba oil's anti-inflammatory properties relieve itching and redness
  • Enriched with sweet almond oil, peppermint and lemon essential oil for added nourishment
  • Enriched formula that can soothe and moisturize the scalp, providing relief to those with psoriasis-related dryness and itchiness
  • Made with the highest-grade organic ingredients with no fillers
  • Free from sulphates, parabens, petroleum, formaldehyde, PEGS, artificial colour and synthetic fragrances
  • Not tested on animals

Dandruff control: If your scalp is flaking because of dry skin and not an underlying medical condition, natural moisturizing oils help keep the scalp hydrated, reducing the presence of white flakes. With its strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, this hair oil helps clear dandruff causing impurities and relieves scalp from itchiness and redness.

Curbing Excess Oil Production: While it may seem counter-intuitive to use a hair oil to deal with an oily scalp, this blend can actually help in countering the issue by balancing your scalp’s natural oil production. Rosemary essential oil in conjunction with jojoba oil balances the scalp’s sebum production while moisturizing the scalp. This not only curtails excess oil production, but also helps guard against environmental factors that lead to greasiness.

Promoting Hair Growth: This blend of vitamin-rich natural oils helps with hair strengthening and growth. Rosemary oil is known to lower DHT, a hormone that causes hair follicles to shrink, improving growth and reducing premature graying. Other ingredients like sweet almond oil – rich in B vitamins and antioxidant-rich olive oil boost hair and scalp strength, promoting hair growth.

  • Comb through your hair so that it’s smooth and free from tangles
  • Take about one teaspoon of the oil and massage into the scalp using your fingertips or a piece of cotton to stimulate hair follicles
  • Depending on your hair type, apply some on hair strands (for dry hair) or focus on the scalp (for oily hair)
  • Leave on for a minimum of 20 minutes or overnight for best results
  • Wash off the oil with a natural shampoo to reveal shiny, healthier hair!

Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) Oil, Sesame (Sesamum Indicum)Oil, Rice Bran (Oryza Sativa) Oil, *Olive (Olea europaea) Oil, *Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) Oil, *Sweet Almond (Prunus amygdalus dulcis) Oil, Lemon (Citrus medica limonum)Oil, Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) Oil, Peppermint (Mentha piperita) Oil, Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)Oil, **Pentaerythrityl tetra-di- t-butyl hydroxyhydrocinnamate.

*Organic Certified

**Eco Certified

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Anjali Nirvan
the massages are very soothing

my scalp irritation has reduced. the massage to the scalp feels very relaxing because of the aroma of the product.

Customer review

i have had dandruff problems since ive been a kid. after using this oil i felt an instant relief from itchiness and dandruff, so from then ive used it once a week, mostly while doing a head massage. After sometime Ive realised not to use too much at a time as product is expensive and it will get over fast, so i use little with another oil to make it last longer, because i don't want it to finish. It is too soothing, almost like a natural and very good quality navratna oil.

Jeju Chaterjee
Customer review

The oil is good and feels natural.

My absolute favourite

I absolutely love this product! It really works on my over sensitive scalp. Can’t wait for it to be back in stock!

Arsalan Aliyas

Rosemary & Jojoba Hair Oil

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Rosemary & Jojoba Hair Oil
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