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Night Routine - Ageing Skin

The perfect night routine especially for ageing dry skin. Highly potent retinol will significantly help reduce wrinkles and boost the skin's elasticity, while the night cream will ensure the skin is hydrated for a sustained period of time.
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Retinol and Peptide Serum: If you’re still looking for a better anti-aging solution than your ordinary go-to creams and moisturizers, your search ends here. Our expertly formulated, Retinol & Peptide Serum is here to be a part of your beauty arsenal, effectively renewing your skin’s tone and texture. With collagen stimulating retinol and firming peptides, this serum brings together powerfully effective ingredients that help combat hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles giving you smooth, younger looking skin without any irritation. 

Hibiscus and Saffron Night Cream: There’s a secret to making beauty sleep even better – night cream! Our indulgent Hibiscus and Saffron Night Cream is a rich and velvety blend of illuminating, age-delaying and vitamin-rich ingredients that keep skin hydrated and dewy. Enriched with skin-firming and antioxidant-rich hibiscus and saffron extracts, this cream gets to work when you get resting so you can wake up with soft, supple and hydrated skin. 

With Hazel and Vetiver Facial Toner: Hydration and balance – what our faces and we need on the daily! Our refreshing, all-natural Witch Hazel & Vetiver Pore Refining Facial Toner helps with refining pores, clarifying skin and getting that skin balance back by restoring pH levels. A handy hydration agent, this toner is always ready to give you a dose of refreshing goodness that keeps your face smooth and supple.

Visibly Reducing Signs Of Aging: A derivative of Vitamin A, Retinol helps alter the behavior of skin cells, refining and smoothening skin texture and enhancing radiance. It stimulates collagen production, accelerating skin renewal and reducing the effects of aging while targeting uneven skin texture and age spots. Infused with peptide complex, this serum also helps firm and lift skin, giving it a plump, restored look.

Firming And Lifting Skin: Peptides, or the blocks that make up protein, easily penetrate the skin and signal it to repair itself, which leads to a boost of collagen production. Consistent use of this effective serum leads to increased elasticity making skin firm, smooth and plump. 

Use a Cleanser

Spray on the Witch Hazel and Vetiver Facial Toner

Apply the Retinol and Peptide Serum (wait for 10 mins after application)

Apply the Hibiscus and Saffron Night Cream

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Night Routine - Ageing Skin
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