Witch Hazel & Vetiver Pore Refining Facial Toner
Witch Hazel & Vetiver Pore Refining Facial Toner
675.00 Incl. Taxes* 472.50 Incl. Taxes*

Witch Hazel & Vetiver Pore Refining Facial Toner

675.00 Incl. Taxes* 472.50 Incl. Taxes*

Hydration and balance – what our faces and we need on the daily! Our refreshing, all-natural Witch Hazel & Vetiver Pore Refining Facial Toner helps with refining pores, clarifying skin and getting that skin balance back by restoring pH levels. A handy hydration agent, this toner is always ready to give you a dose of refreshing goodness that keeps your face smooth and supple.

  • hand made
  • vegan
  • natural
  • cruelty free
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Product Details
Why It Works


A quick dab and swipe of this toner after cleansing can help with clarifying pores over time. An excellent natural toning agent known to tighten and refine pores, witch hazel is soothing, anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidant properties. A natural astringent, it is ideal for all skin types and helps remove excess oil along with other impurities. Combined with Vetiver known for its hydrating, balancing and cooling properties and aloe vera extract, this toner helps you get all the benefits of a natural toner without drying out the skin.

At Neemli, all our toners are fragrance and alcohol-free, without any pesky artificial or chemical fillers.

Great For

Refining Pores & Balancing pH Levels: The soothing blend of witch hazel, Vetiver and aloe vera helps in toning pores and gently ridding the skin of dirt and impurities. Vetiver water effectively hydrates the skin, putting the moisture back in while balancing the pH levels of the skin. This unique, all natural formula is alcohol-free and tones skin without stripping its natural moisture.

Sensitive Skin: Witch Hazel naturally removes excess oil from the skin and decreases overall redness because of its natural astringent and antimicrobial properties. It efficiently fights acne-causing bacteria and helps unblock pores. Free from harsh chemicals, this toner is great for sensitive skin, taking care of ph level of the skin without leaving skin dry and irritated.

Fighting Pollution: Incorporating this toner in your skin care routine is a great way to protect it from everyday environmental aggressors like UV rays and air pollution. The polyphenols present in witch hazel prevent free radical damage to the skin, preventing premature aging and making skin look supple and firmer.

How to Use
  • When used as part of your daily skin care routine, apply this toner between cleansing and moisturizing as your second step
  • Gently spray the toner over face and neck
  • Wait for a minute or two for the toner to get absorbed by the skin before you moisturize!
  • Follow up with our Argan & Rose Day Cream or Hibiscus & Saffron Night Cream depending on the time of day

Witch Hazel Water

Derived from a unique botanical, witch hazel water is known to shrink pores and ease inflammation. Its polyphenols help fight signs of early aging while making pores appear smaller, giving your skin a smooth, youthful look. A natural astringent, it gets rid of excessive oil and prevents bacteria growth, refining pores and giving your skin an even tone.

Vetiver Water

Steam-distilled from the roots of Vetiver grass, Vetiver water is earthy and is known to provide a cool, hydrating effect on the skin. Vetiver or ‘khus’ as it is commonly known as in India, is known to have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It brings dry, dull and dehydrated skin to life, while also protecting against environmental stressors. Vetiver also contains antioxidants, which help in reducing the appearance of premature aging and puffiness, making your skin firm and youthful.

Aloe Vera Leaf Extract

A deeply hydrating humectant, aloe vera extract is one of the most widely used herbal remedies for a variety of skin conditions. An excellent moisturizer, it has cooling properties that help calm skin down and retain its moisture, improving its overall elasticity. It is also effective in preventing and removing bacteria build-up, reducing acne and healing scars and blemishes.

Purified Water, Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides) Water, Propanediol Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) Extract, Neroli (Citrus aurantium) water, Witch Hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana) Water

  1. Reema

    The aroma is very natural, i feel like this product has no chemicals. I find it to be a great product for women on the go exposed to pollution. Also my skin has been clear of bumps and dark spots

  2. Kavita Singh

    Can’t stop spraying this on my face. I have really oily skin which is pimple prone. My work colleague recommended this toner after she used it herself and loved it. so far amazing, its natural and refreshing.

  3. Isha Bali

    Overall it is a good product. I personally am not fond of glass packaging and prefer plastic bottles. But the box they gave it in means chances of breaking are very less.

  4. nikita kanodia

    So First things first! I Love love love the packaging! I love how the bottle is not plastic and transparent in color. And even though it is glass it feels pretty sturdy! The product feels good on the skin as well too. I’ve been looking for a toner since a long time now and I think this is going to be my go to day time toner. I use pixi glow tonic at night so this really balances my routine.

  5. Sameera

    I am in love with this mist, best to use it every time after cleansing. I have started carrying it in my bag with me everywhere, great product.

  6. Mehak

    feeling after use of this mist is great, smells very unique

  7. vidhya23 (verified owner)

    I have been using the product for the past month or so. I have to say that it does nothing for me. My comparison for this product is Forest Essentials, which is the product I was using before this one. I liked FE way better and saw good results on my skin.
    This one not much honestly. In fact I broke out more often, after I started using this product. After a month’s usage I have gone back to using FE toner for my skin and use this product as a face mist AFTER I have finished my skincare routine.

  8. Geeta Sharma (verified owner)


    I used it for a week and it was doing okay but I broke the glass bottle accidentally and now I’ll have to spend again. Just a word of caution – Please use harmless plastic or any other material. I am yet to comment whether it suits me. I have acne prone skin and acne scars too.

  9. Prisha

    It really didn’t do anything for me. It just smells nice. But for the price, I really didn’t see any results.

  10. Gayatri (verified owner)

    The fragrance is lovely and it’s one of things I keep in my bag when my skin needs a pick me up

  11. Trishala (verified owner)

    i started using it last year and never stopped, its light nice and very fresh

  12. Naina Sharma (verified owner)

    i prefer their glycolic toner over this one, especially if you have oily and acne prone skin

  13. Jyotsna Mendes (verified owner)

    very refreshing and nice

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Yes, the Witch Hazel and Vetiver Pore Refining Facial toner is safe to use for lactating and pregnant women.
  2. A Yes, for people with dry and/or sensitive skin having active acne or comedones, the Witch Hazel and Vetiver Pore Refining Facial toner can be used followed by the Glycolic and Salicylic Serum and then a moisturiser.
  3. A Yes, the Witch Hazel and Vetiver Pore Refining Facial toner is extremely gentle and soothing and can be used for eczema prone skin.
  4. A Yes, the Witch Hazel and Vetiver Pore Refining Facial toner is suitable for acne prone skin.
  5. A Yes, the Witch Hazel and Vetiver Pore Refining Facial toner can be used by mixing it with the Neemli Naturals Face Masks.
  6. A All three of the Neemli Naturals Moisturisers are compatible with the Witch Hazel and Vetiver Pore Refining Facial toner.
  7. A Yes the Witch Hazel and Vetiver Pore Refining Facial toner is suitable for sensitive skin.
  8. A The Witch Hazel and Vetiver Pore Refining Facial toner should be used once in the morning and once at night time, being followed up with a serum and moisturiser both times.
  9. A Yes, as the toner comes in a spray form it can be directly applied onto the skin via a cotton pad.
  10. A The Witch Hazel and Vetiver Pore Refining Facial toner is suitable for sensitive to dry skin.
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