Tea Tree & Salicylic Face Wash
Tea Tree & Salicylic Face Wash (100ml)
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Tea Tree & Salicylic Face Wash (100ml)

950.00 Incl. Taxes* 665.00 Incl. Taxes*

Let’s face it – different faces, different face washes. If you have oily, combination and acne prone skin our Tea Tree & Salicylic Face Wash is for you. Combining the strong antibacterial properties of tea tree oil with the anti-inflammatory superstar salicylic acid, this natural face wash calms and sanitizes skin, treating flare-ups without drying out the skin. It leaves skin feeling clean, fresh and ready to take on the day.

  • hand made
  • vegan
  • cruelty free
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Product Details
Why It Works


When we’re young with naturally smooth skin, breakouts and rough skin seem like things that can’t touch us. As we age, a variety of factors including hormonal changes and environmental aggressors get in the way of soft, clear skin.  The Neemli Tea Tree & Salicylic Face Wash is specifically designed for those with oily, combination and acne-prone skin looking for a gentle cleanser that helps reduce breakouts without stripping the skin of its natural oils. With its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, tea tree oil helps reduce sebum production and fight acne while salicylic acid deep cleans the skin, removing dirt and bacteria while also preventing future breakouts. Also enriched with exfoliating glycolic acid and soothing aloe vera, this face wash deeply cleanses skin and leaves it looking fresh, hydrated and clear.

The Neemli Tea Tree & Salicylic Face Wash is not tested on animals. It is free from animal derived raw materials, sulphates, parabens, silicones and fragrance.

Great For

Reducing & Preventing Acne: A natural antiseptic, tea tree oil prevents microbial growth, working its way into the pores to disinfect skin. This helps destroy acne-causing bacteria while treating inflammation, soothing skin and even and working on marks. Salicylic acid penetrates the skin deeply, dissolving debris that clogs pores to sooth inflammed breakouts. This face wash works effectively to not only reduce already present acne but also prevent further breakouts.

Balancing Oil Production: With its ability to penetrate through the lipid barrier of our skin, salicylic acid helps in reducing and balancing oil production. This leads to lesser breakouts caused by overactive oil glands. Acting as a natural moisturizer, tea tree oil restores the skin’s natural oil balance, while keeping it hydrated and healthy.

Skin Protection: Tea tree oil is a natural source of antioxidants that helps neutralize free radicals present in the skin and in the outside environment. This prevents damage to healthy skin cells.

How to Use
  • Dampen your face and neck with lukewarm water
  • Use a small amount of product and gently massage it onto face and neck in circular motion
  • Rinse and pat dry
  • Follow up with toner and moisturizer

Tea Tree Oil

Obtained from the leaves of a plant native to Australia, tea tree oil has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Great for sensitive skin, tea tree oil effectively reduces skin swelling and irritation. Its powerful antioxidant action also helps in improving blemished and acne-prone skin while slowing down signs of premature skin aging.

Salicylic Acid

A member of the BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) family, salicylic acid is derived from the bark of the willow tree. Being oil-soluble, it has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin, pulling out dirt and excess sebum from pores, making it an effective treatment for acne. Being a natural anti-inflammatory, it also helps protect against future breakouts, calming skin and minimizing irritation making it suitable for sensitive skin.

Glycolic Acid

A type of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), glycolic acid effectively works on the upper layers of the skin to strip away dead skin cells. It also encourages skin to retain moisture, delivering hydration benefits. An ideal ingredient when treating hyperpigmentation, glycolic acid helps in reversing effects of sun damage. With its small molecular size, it penetrates skin easily, removing excess skin cells and making pores appear smaller.  With its dual exfoliating and hydration properties, it provides better skin texture, brighter skin and reduced dark spots and wrinkles.

Aloe Vera Leaf Extract

A deeply hydrating humectant, aloe vera extract is one of the most widely used herbal remedies for a variety of skin conditions. An excellent moisturizer, it has cooling properties that help calm skin down and retain its moisture, improving its overall elasticity. It is also effective in preventing and removing bacteria build-up, reducing acne and healing scars and blemishes.

INGREDIENTS:DM Water,Glycerin,Trehalose, ,Polyquaternium 7,Sodium Lauroyl
Methyl Isethionate, Sodium Lauroamphoacetate , Cocamide MIPA , Sodium
Benzoate,Cocoamidopropyl betaine, Hyaluronic acid, Glycolic Acid,Tea Tree
Oil,Salicylic acid,Polysorbate 80,Sorbitol,Allantoin, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium
l e v u l l i n a t e a n d p o tt a si um s o r b a t e , Al o e Ba r b a d e n sis (Al o e ) L e a f
Juice,Niacinamide,Ceramide 111, Essential Oils blend.

  1. Richa Lalwani

    Doesn’t dry my skin out but rids off the excess oiliness. I like the gentleness of the cleanser, good for oily and acne affected skin

  2. Riya

    It definitely helps with the oiliness of my skin it’s perfect for a particular skin type like mine

  3. Krishna Rao

    i feel like you should sell it in bigger bag variants so i can reuse the bottles. overall product quality is very nice please get bigger versions so we dont keep using new bottles and wasting them as they are so nice

  4. Divya R

    I would suggest not for everyone but only for oily type skin people like for me it really worked but my sister who has dry skin it didn’t work, so only buy if you know your skin is oily type

  5. Himani Sanghvi

    It is slightly acidic in nature and super for my skin type which is oily and acne prone, im very happy with neemlis new approach to products which is focussing specialised products based on skin type

  6. Esha Natarajan

    its been a month since i have check if its in stock, i really need to get this product back for me as it was really working well.

  7. Piya Naik

    My favourite product from neemli naturals!

  8. Lily Thakker

    make sure you only buy it if you have oily, my roommate with dry skin used it and it didnt suit but it suit mine because i have oily skin

Can it be used on skin with active acne?Back to product
asked by Divya on 2021-05-25 12:33:23
1 answers shown
  1. Yes, the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil along with the deep cleansing and gentle exfoliating properties of BHAs and AHAs present in the face wash make it ideal to be used on skin with active acne.
    Divya answered on 2021-05-25 12:38:08
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