Skin Exfoliation- What, How And Why

Washing your skin daily, refreshing with face spray toners multiple times a day or even getting facial massages can sometimes leave you wanting more from your skin. More glow, radiance, smoothness and a better texture is something you can expect by exfoliation your skin once in a while.

We wash regularly and use beauty or fairness creams and moisturizers, try to use the best available soap and do everything possible. Even after a lot of efforts, our skin is not at its best and glowing as much as you want it for everyone to use a set of standardised beauty products. The nature of the skin varies from person to person. Your skin might be very oily while your friend’s skin may be dry. You cannot use the same beauty products because the nourishment that your friend’s skin might be totally different from yours. This makes it difficult to standardize the beauty Each product you use on your skin must suit your skin.

Skincare products vary from one person to another based on the nature of the skin. Dry, oily or combination skin, one of the best things that you can do to give your skin a natural glow is an exfoliation. Though face exfoliation is quite common, this can be done in any part of your body. This can make you look less flawless and also make sure your skin is healthy.

Skin Exfoliation - Face and Body

What is exfoliation?

We need to know what exactly exfoliation is to be able to do it so that we will be able to reap almost all of its benefits. It is the process in which the dead skin cells are sloughed off from the surface of your skin. This will obviously make your skin more lively and hence better. Exfoliation is of many different kinds and two types are most common and well known. 

  1. Chemical exfoliation, as the name suggests is the use of chemicals on the skin to break down the surface buildup. Usually, chemicals used for this are salicylic acid or enzymes or other similar chemicals that do not harm the skin. The chemicals used are usually very soft and make sure it is very safe. Use of bad chemicals can cause problems like pimples, permanent or temporary marks and so on. 
  2. Mechanical exfoliation, on the other hand, is physically scrubbing off your skin’s surface using a scrub or other exfoliating skincare tools. This includes scrubs which can be used to rub the dead cells of your skin, which is usually on the top layer. As there is good knowledge about exfoliation these days, people are trying out new products and scrubs. Of all, the best products that are presently attracting beauty pageants are natural products or scrubs. you can find organic scrubs in many places. These scrubs have no chemicals and are made of extracted oil. This makes it very safe. It is better than using a scrub with chemicals.

Why do we have to exfoliate?

Neemli natural bathing bar for Skin Exfoliation

As we know, when you grow older, the regeneration of the cells becomes slow and the same happens with the skin cells too. When it takes time for your body to generate new cells, there are old cells piling up on the surface of your skin. This can make your skin look extremely dull, dry and sometimes less charming. It can also lead to the formation of acne. Also, as there are dead cells on the top, they can block the pores on the skin. Hence, none of your skin products or your cleansers will be able to help you clean properly. This makes your skin rough and oily.

Sometimes, even skin specialists advise exfoliation to make your skin lively. In that case, they will help you out on how to go about it. They will also tell you how often it should be done. When you exfoliate properly, the clogging is removed and hence the skin is more open to make sure the moisturizing products penetrate into your skin. If you are regularly exfoliating the products you use turn out to have an effect and your skin is healthier and much fresher than before. 

What are the benefits of exfoliating?

  • Improvement of skin texture: Exfoliating your skin speeds up the skin renewal process. Your skin will become shinier and softer. The complexion also becomes soft and glowing. On the whole, exfoliating will give a better texture for your skin. 
  • Slower ageing: As you become old, there are changes in your skin due to the slowing down of the cell rejuvenation process and that is why you start getting wrinkles and start looking old. Exfoliating can slow down the process on your skin.
  • Makes your skin tone more consistent: Some people have dark spots and rough textures and it is frustrating to get it treated. Exfoliating properly and on a regular basis can smoothen the skin and make it better. Over time, the skin starts becoming more uniform and starts looking more radiant.

Other than this, it can help better circulation, prevents acne, helps skincare products penetrate into the skin and a lot more. There are many benefits but remember that this keeps your skin healthy.

The don’ts while exfoliating:

  • Never exfoliate on a wound, an irritated or allergic area or the area that has just been waxed. If you have waxed, you need to wait for at least 24 hours. 
  • After you exfoliate, make sure you avoid sources of heat touching your skin. Avoid hot tubs or taking showers in hot water. 
  • When you are exfoliating places where the skin is thin, be very careful. The skin in the upper chest, for example, is very thin just like the skin on your face. Be very soft when you exfoliate there.

Steps for exfoliating:

Steps for Skin Exfoliation

  1. Use a good quality bristled brush with a long handle. It is better if you start with your legs and move upwards. Brush in a circular motion in a small area as you move up. Once you reach your shoulder, brush your back and arms.
  2. Buy a loofah or a glove. There are gloves that are designed for exfoliating. You can use this too.
  3. Use a good scrub that has fewer chemicals. It is better if you can buy an organic scrub which has no chemicals. If you use a scrub or a loofah, shower and let the water run through the skin. Remember that you must not use hot water. 

In case you have a sensitive skin

  1.  Use a cleanser that is mild on your skin and does not cause any harm. Try it on a small area, preferably your hand or leg and check it before using it on the entire body.
  2. Apply a good moisturizer after exfoliating. Make sure the products you use are the ones your skin is used to.

Moisturize skin after Exfoliating

Other important tips:

  • The best thing to do is to use products that you are already using. Using products that are new and do not suit your skin can have negative effects.
  • Make sure the method you use is perfect for your skin type, be it chemical or mechanical. Mechanical may be too irritating for you, then go for chemical or the other way round. It is always better to be on the safer side. For this, you must use scrubs and brushes that are organic. These are completely natural and there are no chances of it causing damage or marks on your skin.
  • Be gentle on your skin. Do not scrub hard or use too much force.
  • Being consistent with a schedule is another way one can find better results over time.  Work on the right schedule for you. If you keep to the schedule and do it the right way, the results will be good and your skin will keep getting better.
  • Use a good moisturizer once you are done with the exfoliation process. Remember that when you exfoliate, the pores are open and hence, there are more chances of pollution and dirt getting into these pores, especially soon after exfoliating. Hence, never forget to use a moisturizer. Use one that you are familiar with.

Final words:

Exfoliation is a process of awakening your skin and it is important to do it. It is even more important to do it right. If you have any problems, contact a skin specialist. Make sure you use safe products and use the safest method for you. Remember the above-mentioned points. Try to get the best results because if you do, you are going to turn, not only beautiful but also with healthy skin and a natural glow.

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