The Brilliant Benefits Of Banana Peel and How It Helps All Skin Types.

Banana peel is a widely known commodity used for skincare. Yes, Yes, I know it sounds weird and smells funny, but it is significant, and I cannot stress this enough, very essential for your skincare routine. There are several benefits a banana peel face wash can have on your skin, but even using raw banana peel is a great idea, and today we are going to explore a bit on that.

Skin Brightening With Banana Peel

Do you know what bright skin is? Skin that reflects light from within. Nah, I’m just kidding. However, I am sure you must have seen a few friends of yours who have glowing skin. Well, using a banana peel regularly on your skin will get you the same skin. You see, there are all these antioxidants in the banana peel that help your skin fight free radicals. So to put it simply, it makes your skin a fight club for free radicals and antioxidants, and the antioxidants always win. And then you too can have bright and glowing skin to reflect light.

Hydrates and Moisturizes Dry Skin

Benefits of Banana Peel

Dry skin is a common problem, and you can’t heal it by just getting it wet. You need some moisture that flows within the skin. Well, you’re in luck because Banana peels are rich in amino acids and vitamins A, B, C, and E. Now I’m not sure if you have heard, but these vitamins are miraculously invigorating for dry and itchy skin. So logically, the reason for any skin to be dry would be lack of moisture and dehydration of the skin, and the silica in bananas increases collagen production that hydrates the skin and keeps it beautiful.

Banana Peel Removes Acne and its Scars.

So we conversed about Vitamin C and A, right? Did you know that it always helps you get rid of acne and its scars? Isn’t that amazing? I mean, I’m thinking about growing a banana tree in my house. So the anti-inflammatory properties and these vitamins in the banana help you get off acne and reduce hyperpigmentation. Of course, you need to start rubbing banana peels on your face to get truly pulchritudinous skin. In addition, there are phenolics in the banana peel that have properties that help remove other acne-related problems.

Reduce dark circles and puffiness

benefits of banana peel on face

It is a known fact that the skin around your eyes is pretty sensitive. And that is the reason why it gets puffy, and sometimes you see dark circles around your eyes. So here’s yet another benefit of the banana peel. Placing the banana peel on closed eyes will help increase blood flow around your eyes and soothe the delicate skin below your eyes. So yeah, now that you know a natural way to remove your dark circles, there is no longer a need to follow Christian Bale’s American Psycho routine.

Banana Peel For Sun protection (Believe it or not)

The vitamins A, C, and E found in banana peels are extremely helpful for sun protection. Now I’m not suggesting using banana face packs instead of sunscreen; that would be weird. But using banana peels can strengthen the ability of your skin to prevent damage caused by the sun. Not only does it make your skin vigorous, but it also helps remove sunspots or liver spots with vitamins A and C. Don’t worry; liver spots are not at all related to your liver. They are just another name for sunspots.

Wrinkle Reduction

benefits of banana peel for skin

Wrinkles are one of the leading indicators of the fact that your skin is aging. Now you can’t really stop time, but you can slow the aging of your skin. Let me explain how and why you get wrinkles. So as time passes by, your skin gets older and produces fewer and fewer collagens every day. Because of this, it doesn’t get the nutrition it needs to stay rigid. And thus, getting thinner and weaker when it comes to fighting harmful microbes and, “voila,” there you have it, Wrinkles. With the help of the collagen produced by banana peels, you can strengthen your skin and gradually get rid of wrinkles. And the antioxidants will give it the energy it needs to get rid of harmful bacteria. You can also practice regular use of Neemli Naturals’ rose and argan day cream to make your skin tighter and brighter.

So these were the peerless benefits of banana peel for the skin. So now that you know the magnificent things that banana peels can do for your skin, I think you should try using them for your skin regularly. And once you use the banana peels on your skin and rinse it off, you can use Neemli Naturals’ Rose and Argan Day cream to moisturize and preserve the beauty of your skin. To find out about the surprising benefits of cucumber for your skin, click here.
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