Spend vs Save: Investing in Your Skincare Routine

The evolution of beauty is at the top now, and the revolution highlighting the importance of maintaining a consistent skincare routine is at the heart of it. The beauty industry graph is at its peak and has already put its leg in the billion-dollar industry, making everyone believe that following a simple skincare routine is very important. Investing in your skincare products is not bad unless you are getting satisfying results. One understands the cost and time of getting healthy skin. Getting healthy skin is crucial to boosting your confidence and self-esteem level.

But is running after cheap cosmetic and skincare products worth it? When it comes to skincare and cosmetics, where should we spend more, and where should we save? The answer to this is quite a debate in itself and highly depends upon individuals' skin. So lLet's dig into this and find out where to save and spend on skincare and cosmetic products.

Where to save?

Purchasing a cheap beauty product and thinking that you will get brighter and shinier skin is like an illusion. Using cosmetics that are cheap at cost can contain harmful chemicals that can damage the skin very much. Going with such cosmetic products will not empty your bank initially, but the result that you get from them will surely burn your bank later. Many cheap and duplicate products available in the market can surely attract and make you buy them. But in the long run, the result of these products can cost you even more.

With the increase in demand and need, such simple skincare products have also spread their leg in the market. No doubt, they are giving tough competition to the original product in the price tag. But in the longer run, such products are the ones that will destroy your skin the more.

Such cosmetic products will temporarily bleach your skin, making it look brighter and shinier. But after using it for a while, you'll realize that your skin is gradually losing the charm and looks like dead skin. Your skin will be lacking nourishment and will look pale, with no grace.

Another side effect of using cheap cosmetic products is their fragrance. Their fragrance covers up various kinds of smells they're having and can also cause headaches. 

Don't get duped with ineffective or potentially harmful skincare products in the long race.

Adopt A Minimalist Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

When it comes to choosing a simple skincare routine for skin concerns, going for minimalist skincare is the best action plan. 

A minimalist skincare routine consists of only the most essential products for your skin. For example: here's a skincare routine for Oily Skin.

Where to spend it then?

You should migrate yourself from using cheap cosmetic products and go for homemade natural products. They are more treatment-based and enriched with high-quality natural ingredients. They might cost you huge initially, but they will be worth every penny in the long run.

Natural skincare products are an excellent value for money. They are indeed costly, but in return, you're giving your skin the best treatment.

When you use homemade products, your skin will also get nourishment from inside and outside and make your skin look charming and glowing. Of course, such products will cost you a bit but will properly cure your skin to the root. 

Whereas cheap cosmetics products will show the best results in their initial phase and make you feel worth using them. But in the long run, such products will make your face dull and aging.

Homemade products are made from natural ingredients, and so they don't change their fragrance usually. In addition, the presence of essential oil fragrance in Homemade products can also give aromatherapy to the person using it. So overall, applying homemade products to the skin is more beneficial than cheap cosmetics.

And if you talk about where to spend and save in terms of natural and homemade cosmetics and skincare, I would recommend spending more on homemade serums, antioxidants, sunscreens, and night creams. This list can not be fixed for everyone, as every skin is different from the other.

Consume more on natural homemade serums, as they contain many beneficial ingredients and penetrate deep inside the skin to benefit. To get better skin every morning when you wake up, go with natural antioxidants (Retinol) for the best results.

I always prefer clinically proven natural homemade products for treating sun damage, aging, acne, etc. Stay away from products containing petrolatum and lanolin, as these are skin-harming ingredients and can damage your skin even more. If your skin is healthier and free from problems like acne, you don't need to spend much on moisturizer.


Summing Up

I hope this has made your mind clear enough about where to spend and where to save when it comes to a simple skincare routine. Buying a cheap $10 beauty product based on other suggestions and expecting the same result is a foolish thought.

Think again and change your mind. Don't make decisions that can make you feel guilty in the long run. Spending time knowing the ingredients used in each product is one what you can make sure you are getting what you paid for.

Your goal should not be to fill your wardrobe with x number of beauty and cosmetic products but to focus on natural and minimalist skincare products that should work for you.

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